What is the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer that is ideal for handicrafts or home automation. Thanks to its controllable IO (input-output) pins, sensors and other hardware can be read out and controlled very easily. Because of this and its low price, it is also a very popular way to get started with (hardware-related) programming for beginners, children and those interested.

In the meantime, the Raspberry Pi has been sold millions of times and there is a ready-made solution for almost every application, or a way to achieve your dream project. This page deals with all topics related to the Raspberry Pi. This includes simple tutorials on the use of sensors, pure help on programming topics, to complex Raspberry Pi tutorial series in the field of home automation, robotics and many more. You can simply browse in the menu and on the page or leave a comment. Since new Raspberry Pi instructions and tutorials appear regularly, it is definitely worth activating the newsletter.

After a long time, the first official display module for the Raspberry Pi was  presented, one which uses the DSI connection. The 7″ display is up to date thanks to a 10 finger capacitive touch screen and 60 frames per second frame rate. It has the resolution of 800×480 pixels…